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Guided Hunts in Arizona and Mexico-Guides and Outfitters for Elk, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Coues Whitetail Deer, Gould's Turkeys
Colburn and Scott Outfitters is a licensed, permitted and insured Arizona based outfitter that offers guided and outfitted hunts for Elk, Coues Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Antelope, Merriams Turkey, Gould's Turkey, and other big game animals.  Colburn and Scott Outfitters offers guided hunts in Mexico as well for Coues Whitetail deer and Gould's Turkeys.  We offer rifle, archery or muzzleloader hunts.  Our Professional Guide team is made up of hardworking, reliable and highly skilled guides,  Darr Colburn and Jay Scott.  Our Guide team at Colburn and Scott Outfitters has been responsible for harvesting many record book big game animal trophies with clients for both Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young.  Please view our record book trophies section of our site.  Our motto has always been to focus on quality not quantity.  You will not be "subbed out" with Colburn and Scott Outfitters.  If you book with us then you hunt with us!  We look forward to sharing a camp with you!
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Arizona Elk Hunts

COLBURN AND SCOTT OUTFITTERS focuses on a quality elk hunting experience for our hunters.  Quality experience not quantity has been a motto of ours for years.  When you book a guided hunt with our quality elk guides you will get professional, hard working, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy guides.  Our favorite units in Arizona to hunt elk are Unit 9, Unit 10, Unit 23 North and South in no particular order.  Welcome to our site!


Arizona Unit 9-This elk unit is very huntable, has pines and junipers, good concentrations of elk, this year there will be some big bulls harvested, hunters can expect to see bulls between 320-360 on a regular basis. Elk are vocal in morning and usually around water in evenings. ***The AZGFD has changed this hunt around and the Muzzleloader hunt will now be in front of the archery hunt.  This has been a very controversial decision and I am not sure that I like the change.  I think the Muzzleloader hunt will be better than ever.  The archery hunt being pushed back could be more prime rut bugling but there is a chance a handful of the biggest bulls will be gone in the back of the muzzy hunters trucks.  It will be interesting to see if the archery hunt at later dates will be better or worse.  A few giants will be taken this year on the archery and early muzzleloader hunts. The 2015 Arizona Archery elk season dates are September 18-Oct. 1st and Muzzleloader elk season dates September 11-18th.  We really like Unit 9 because there are only 100 archery bull tags and no cow tags at the same time. 
Arizona Unit 23-All of our elk hunts in Unit 23 are conducted out of our base camp which is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house located in the heart of Unit 23. The house has showers, tv, comfortable beds and wireless internet service. Unit 23 is split into two units a North and a South
Unit 23 North Archery and Early Rifle Elk Hunts- The terrain in this unit is not as physically challenging as 23 South, more accessible by roads, good bugling, hunters can expect to see 300-350 bulls on a regular basis, can be chaotic rutting action depending on the year. This unit will produce a few giant elk this year on the archery and early rifle hunts.  2015 Arizona Archery Elk season dates Sept. 11-24 and Early Rifle Sept. 25-Oct 1.  For 2015, there are 15 archery tags in the North and only 15 tags for the Early Rifle hunt which makes for an enjoyable hunt.
Unit 23 South Archery- Extremely physical terrain, low densities of elk, not for your average joe hunter, lots of distance between bulls bugling, not big pockets of bugling bulls like other units but has some big boys, 300-350 bulls are seen everyday but not in as many numbers as other three units. This unit will produce a few giants this year.  2015 Archery Season dates Sept. 11-24th.  ***The AZGFD has added a 5 tag early rifle hunt in 23 South this year.  It should be a phenomenal hunt.
Unit 23 is our favorite for Late Rifle Elk Hunts 2014 Season Dates Dec. 4-10th.


Arizona Unit 10-This vast terrain is very glassable, the unit consists of mainly all junipers, lots of bulls and few cows, hunters can expect to see bulls between 320-350 on regular basis. Elk are very callable in this unit, usually a bugling frenzy and lots of rutting chaos. Country is very huntable and a few giants will be taken on the archery and early rifle hunts. Seems like the quality in 10 has suffered over the last few years and not like it was in the mid 2000's.  2016 Arizona Archery Elk Season Dates Sept 9-22 and Early Rifle Dates Sept 23-Sept 29th 

Here is what a few elk hunters had to say about hunting elk in Arizona with COLBURN AND SCOTT OUTFITTERS:
"I hunted with Colburn and Scott Outfitters in Arizona during the 2010 September archery hunt. I had never been on a guided hunt before and I must say it was everything I expected and more. Jay went out of his way to make sure we had comfortable accommodations, a successful hunt and a plan to put us where we needed to be. Janis Putelis was especially impressive as my guide. He is 150% hard core, knowledgeable and one of the best elk callers I have heard. Yet he was very humble and listened to my suggestions, too. It was truly like hunting with your best friends. When I draw another elk tag in Arizona you can be certain of one thing, I’ll be calling Jay and Janis." Terry Chapman - Aztec, NM

"I was lucky enough to meet Darr and Jay after being introduced by our mutual friend Steve Whinnery. Steve runs Whinnery Ranch Outfitters of Colorado. Darr and Steve are lifelong friends because of their mutual interest in Coues deer hunting. I hunted with Darr on my Arizona elk hunt and nobody could be more prepared or more professional than Darr. He was able to keep me calmed down and guided me to the biggest elk I have ever seen. Nobody could have done it better. If I am lucky enough to ever draw a tag like that again, Darr of Colburn and Scott Outfitters would be my first call." Dick Corbett, Wisconsin

"I booked my hunt with Colburn and Scott Outfitters for area 10 Early Rifle. As soon as I got to camp I could tell they were great people and I felt like they were my hunting buddies from day one. They had scouted for weeks and knew the area very well and were organized and after we talked came up with a game plan for the morning. We talked about what my initial goal was and the hunt was on. I would have to say this was the most intense and hardest hunt I have ever been on. My guide Janis is a hiking, hunting machine which the elk and I would put to the test. On the last day of the hunt we had a small window of opportunity and we had our elk down. I have harvested bigger elk, but this is by far the most memorable hunt I have experienced. Thanks to Janis, Darr and Jay " David Toyne

"I hunted archery Elk in Arizona with Darr Colburn. It was a great experience. He spent a lot of time in the unit before opening day and had numerous bulls located. Darr is very skilled and just always seems to be able to make something happen. My hunting partner and I both killed really good bulls on this trip.
When I draw again I’ll be calling Darr and Jay. "Tim Aldinger Ridgefield Wa.

"I've had two elk tags in 10 years! There is only one outfitter who has made both of those hunts possible-Colburn and Scott Outfitters. Great camps, good people and dedicated guides made memories for a lifetime with two Pope and Young bulls."Cody Nelson, Scottsdale, AZ

"I have had the chance to hunt elk with a lot of people. Theres only two guides that I would trust to help me with a elk hunt. Jay Scott and Darr Colburn of Colburn and Scott outfitters. They know how to find big bulls and more importantly they know how to put them on the ground." Michael Park Estacada, OR

"My elk hunt with Jay Scott was the experience of a lifetime! His uncanny ability to put the hunter in the right spot at the right time led to my success. His calling is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Colburn & Scott Outfitters to anyone. Don't waste your tag of a lifetime, hire the best. Jay’s positive attitude and professional demeanor is addicting, I wish I could go back every year! " G Todd Brooks, Reno, NV

"Jay, Thanks for the service and the opportunity to hunt with you, Darr and Janis. I would be happy to recommend your organization to anyone. It was a great experience. Without exception, everyone worked hard to make this an enjoyable and successful hunt. I hunted primarily with Janis, but I was impressed with everyone’s courtesy, experience and professionalism. I appreciated Darr’s and Janis’ good natured, positive attitude, and respect for the resource and environment, that I saw displayed.  Absolutely great job. Special thanks to Janis for his efforts in the stalk! I have never had a more exciting hunting adventure. The pack job was quite the event , as well. Thanks to Jeanne for the cooking and her service. Food was great quality. I only wish I could draw an Arizona tag again, and enjoy a similar experience.  Ed Howell Highland, UT

"In 2011 I drew a unit 10 Archery Bull tag after 14 years of applying. With so many years invested in drawing this tag I contacted Colburn and Scott Outfitters, guide Darr Colburn, knowing he would help me make the most of the hunt. I was very impressed with Darr's knowledge of the area and his preparation for our hunt. Darr had set up a terrific camp that made it easy to rest and recharge after spending long days in the field. In 8 days of hunting we experienced an incredible series of storms lasting 5 continuous days and Darr's knowledge and preparation kept us in elk the entire time. I had the good fortune to take a very nice bull on the 8th day of the hunt and although we had some pretty tough hunting conditions during the hunt I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Darr!" Dan, CA

Jay Scott 602-803-0223 jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com


Jeff Hartland's 380 AZ Unit 9 Archery elk

2012 Archery Season- Colburn and Scott Outfitters hunter Jeff Hartland hunted with guide Darr Colburn and harvested a beautiful 7X7 380 inch bull on his 2012 Arizona archery elk tag in Unit 9.  Jeff and Darr had a fantastic hunt passing up many bulls until the 10th morning when Jeff arrowed his biggest elk with a bow.  Congrats to Jeff on his fine trophy!

Below is the video of Jeff's 2012 AZ elk hunt in Unit 9 that was featured on Cabelas Out West, (you have to fast forward unitl about the 5 minute mark to see Jeff's awesome hunt

Jim Fitzgerald's 354 Unit 9 AZ Archery Bull

2012 Archery Season- Colburn and Scott hunter Jim Fitzgerald with guide Jay Scott on his 2012 Arizona Unit 9 archery elk tag.  We had a great hunt and Jim was able to harvest a very nice 6X6 bull.  Joining Jim on his hunt was one of his sons, Neil Fitzgerald.  Unit 9 was very good this year and bulls were found in every corner of the unit.  The grass was green and the bulls bugled very well throughout the hunt.  It was just and average antler growth year but we were able to find some great bulls.  Congrats to Jim on a fine bull!

Jim and his son Neil with Jim's elk

Below are some videos of Jim's Hunt, the first video was of Jim's hunt that was featured on Cabelas Out west and the second is a video that was filmed and edited by Jim's son Neil Fitzgerald of Mad Scientyst Productions.