2012-13 AZ Raffle Desert Sheep Hunt with Larry Spillers

Larry Spillers had the crowd laughing when he found out that he had drawn the tag from the 2012-2013 AZ Super Big Game Raffle.  He said he couldn't believe he had won because he had just severely injured his ankle and had to have seven screws and a steel plate surgically installed.  He was able to rehab his ankle and fight through the pain.  We had a great hunt with Mr.  Larry Spillers from Ennis, Texas.  Larry harvested a 9.5 year old ram that had incredible mass and should score close to 165.  He had 15 inch bases and 9 4/8 inch 3rd quarter measurements.  Larry made two great shots with his 6.5 X 284 and the ram was down.  This is the 3rd largest ram taken on this raffle tag in 17 years when it was made a Nelson units hunt (Units 9, 10, 12A, 12B, 13A, 13B, All 15's, 16A and B).  Larry's ram was harvested in Unit 15D.