Brian Rimsza's AZ Rocky Mtn Sheep Unit 6A

My friend Brian Rimsza drew the Arizona Unit 6A 2013 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep tag for the second hunt.  I helped Brian as a friend on this hunt not as a guide.  Our #1 and #2 rams were both harvested on the first hunt and both rams went over 180 inches.  Brian harvested our #3 ram on the first day of the hunt with his Elite bow.  Brian's ram ties the Arizona Archery state record at 176 4/8 Net and gross scored 178 1/8.  This was an incredible experience and hunt with a very good friend!  Click Here for more photos and video of this hunt Click here for a complete photo gallery of the hunt

Matt Cutlip and Brian with the ram

Brian's wife Nicole just fought and beat cancer this last year and it was an emotional moment for all of us when she reached the harvest site.

From Left to Right, Brian's Uncle Bob, Matt Cutlip, Brian's Wife Nicole, Brian, Myself, and Bobby Smith