Ron Arndorfer's Desert Bighorn Sheep

This Arizona Desert bighorn sheep hunt was a much anticipated hunt for Arizona Sheep guides Jay Scott and Darr Colburn of Colburn and Scott Outfitters. Ron Arndorfer, from Wisconsin, had drawn a tag for Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep in Unit 44B North.  Darr Colburn and I put in a bunch of time scouting throughout the summer and fall and saw lots of nice rams. We focused on one particular ram that we had seen in the 2009 season while hunting with Glenn Hall in the same unit. He was nicknamed "LOGO Ram" by Glenn Hall's son Tyler. Ron was able to complete his Grand Slam by harvesting the LOGO ram. We were honored to be Ron's sheep guides on this hunt. Ron's ram officially net scored 170 3/8 inches.

Colburn and Scott Outfitters with Ron and his Grand Slam Ram

Unit 44B North Boone and Crockett Sheep 170 3/8 Net

Jay Scott and Darr Colburn with Ron's Boone and Crockett Desert Bighorn Sheep

Ron and Darr getting set up for the shot on the big ram

This is prime Arizona Desert Sheep Country!

Arizona Desert Sheep Guides Darr Colburn and Jay Scott with hunter Ron Ardorfer's Ram

Testimonial from hunter Ron Arndorfer: "They say good things come in two’s. That was the case for me last July when I received word that, after 20 years I had drawn an Arizona desert sheep tag. After only a few phone calls I had selected my guides for this once in a life time hunt. Jay Scott and Darr Colburn, of Colburn and Scott Outfitters, credentials became quite obvious after contacting only a small number of the more than a dozen references provide by Jay. Their preseason scouting reports, attached photos and videos of rams found in our unit made waiting for the season to arrive, difficult.

After arriving in camp and with one day for scouting I was reassured I had selected the right guides for making possible the completion of my grand slam of North American Sheep. Jay and Darr have the uncanny ability to find sheep with high powered optics in places I was sure there were none. Although they are all business when it comes to hunting and scouting they still know how to have fun and make their client feel comfortable in all situations during the hunt. In conclusion Jay Scott and Darr Colburn help me to harvest a record book ram. They made a dream of a life time come true." Ron Arndorfer, Wisconsin