Ernie Meeske's Unit 22 186 1/8 Giant Arizona Desert Sheep

We were fortunate to assist our good friend Ernie Meeske in Unit 22 in December of 2012.  He harvested the largest Desert sheep taken in 2012 in the state of Arizona.  It net scored a whopping 186 1/8.  We had 17 days of scouting prior to the start of the hunt in which we filmed and photographed many phenomenal rams some of which would score well over the 180" mark.  Our hunt group consisted of Ernie Meeske, his son Seth and son-in-law Jeremy, as well as good friends Justin Taylor, Jack Johnson Jr and Sr and myself and fellow guide Janis Putelis.  Ernie's ram had 38+ inch horns and 16 4/8 bases with a green score of 186 7/8.  There should be multiple 180 rams harvested in the 2013 season as well!  Click here for photos of Ernie's Unit 22 Sheep Hunt and here for video of Ernie's hunt

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Photos

Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Videos