Erik Swanson's AZ Desert Bighorn Sheep

My friend, Erik Swanson, drew his Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep tag for Unit 44B South.  Erik and I had lots of fun scouting for his sheep hunt.  We had a great time sheep hunting and enjoyed many laughs with friends and family.  Erik's ram was scored by the Game and Fish Dept. at 168 7/8 gross and 167 6/8 Net.  Trent Swanson, Erik's brother was on the hunt and captured some great photos (see the trentswansonoutdoors watermark).  We captured lots of good live pictures and video of Erik's ram that I nicknamed "Pinky".  Congrats on a great ram Erik!  Be sure to watch the video of the hunt below.
UPDATE: Erik's ram was just officially scored and it makes Boone and Crockett! It officially grosses 169 2/8 and nets 168 5/8.

Pictured from left to right, Erik Swanson, Rob Gillette, Michael Sisk, Trent Swanson and Jay Scott

Erik and Jay with his awesome Arizona Desert Sheep

Arizona Unit 44B South-Erik Swanson Book Ram

Jay glassing some great Arizona Desert sheep habitat

Arizona Unit 44B South-New Water Mountains