2017-2018 Mexico Coues Deer Hunts-Now Booking!

We had a great 2017/2018 season on our January Sonora Mexico Coues deer hunts.  Check our Instagram page for more photos of our hunts @ColburnandScottOutfitters   Colburn and Scott Outfitters is now booking and taking reservations for Mexico Coues deer hunts in the state for Sonora.  Colburn and Scott Outfitters guides, Darr and Jay have both harvested Boone and Crockett record book Coues deer personally and have assisted many hunters to some very large Coues deer.  We look forward to helping you find a giant buck!  Now Booking for 2018/2019 December and January hunts.   We focus on a high quality experience and harvesting big coues deer bucks.  We have access to many large ranches that have lots of trophy bucks.  For more information and details on our Mexico Coues deer hunts give us a call or shoot us an email at jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com  Click Here to view more Mexico Coues Hunts Photos


Photos below are from the 2016 January Coues Hunts in Sonora, Click Here to see the detailed accounts from each hunt

Photos below are from the 2015 Mexico Coues Hunts-Click here to see detailed photos of each 2015 hunt
Below are photos from the 2014 Mexico Coues Season
Below are the 2013 Mexico Coues Deer Hunt Photos with Colburn and Scott Outfitters

 Other bucks harvested in Mexico with Colburn and Scott Outfitters
Darr and Jay with Darr's 119 inch gross buck, net 113
Darr and Jay with Darr's 122 inch gross buck
Darr with his 118" Coues Buck
Jay with his 130 6/8 Net Coues Buck 134 Gross
Jay with a 115" Coues Buck

Jay with a 113 coues buck
Jay with 108 Buck

Jay with his wife Jeanne's 108 Coues Buck
Jeanne Scott Coues Buck 108"

Hunter Danny Bright with his 2011 Coues Buck
Jay with his 105 Coues Buck
Jay with Steve W. 117 Coues Buck
Jay with his 115 4X4 Coues Buck
Jay and Darr with Darr's 110" Coues Buck
Jay with Steve Whinnery and his Coues Buck
Darr with a 3X4 Coues Buck

Jay and Glenn Hall with Glenn's Giant 143 Gross and 138 5/8 Net Coues Buck

Jay with Brian Wilmer and his 131 inch Coues Buck

                                   Let Colburn and Scott Outfitters help you find a giant Coues Deer buck!