Jim Fitzgerald's 354 Unit 9 AZ Archery Bull

2012 Archery Season- Colburn and Scott hunter Jim Fitzgerald with guide Jay Scott on his 2012 Arizona Unit 9 archery elk tag.  We had a great hunt and Jim was able to harvest a very nice 6X6 bull.  Joining Jim on his hunt was one of his sons, Neil Fitzgerald.  Unit 9 was very good this year and bulls were found in every corner of the unit.  The grass was green and the bulls bugled very well throughout the hunt.  It was just and average antler growth year but we were able to find some great bulls.  Congrats to Jim on a fine bull!

Jim and his son Neil with Jim's elk

Below are some videos of Jim's Hunt, the first video was of Jim's hunt that was featured on Cabelas Out west and the second is a video that was filmed and edited by Jim's son Neil Fitzgerald of Mad Scientyst Productions.